The Best Free Antivirus Software for Your Laptop in 2024


With the increasing reliance on digital devices, ensuring the security of your laptop is paramount. Cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and spyware are constantly evolving, making it essential to have robust antivirus software. While there are numerous paid options available, several free antivirus programs provide excellent protection without costing a dime. Here’s a detailed look at the best free antivirus software for laptops in 2024 and why they stand out.

1. Avast Free Antivirus


  • Real-time protection: Avast provides real-time protection against viruses, malware, and other cyber threats.
  • Wi-Fi security scan: This feature checks the security of your Wi-Fi network and alerts you to potential vulnerabilities.
  • Ransomware shield: It offers a dedicated shield against ransomware attacks, ensuring your files remain secure.
  • Behavior shield: Monitors applications for suspicious behaviour to catch unknown threats.

Why Choose Avast: Avast is a highly popular antivirus solution known for its comprehensive protection and user-friendly interface. Its extensive range of features, including Wi-Fi security and ransomware shield, make it a robust choice for everyday use. Additionally, Avast’s minimal impact on system performance ensures that your laptop remains fast and responsive.

2. AVG AntiVirus Free


  • Real-time updates: AVG provides real-time updates to keep up with the latest threats.
  • Email protection: Scans incoming and outgoing emails for malicious attachments and links.
  • File shredder: Securely deletes sensitive files to prevent recovery.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Silences notifications during gaming or video watching.

Why Choose AVG: AVG, which is owned by the same company as Avast, offers a strong suite of features tailored to protect against modern threats. Its email protection and file shredder are particularly useful for those who handle sensitive data. The Do Not Disturb Mode is a bonus for users who need uninterrupted focus.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition


  • Advanced threat defence: Utilizes behavioural detection to monitor active apps and instantly take action against suspicious activities.
  • Anti-phishing: Blocks websites that attempt to steal your data.
  • Anti-fraud: Warns you about potentially fraudulent websites.
  • Minimal impact on performance: Designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive.

Why Choose Bitdefender: Bitdefender is renowned for its powerful malware detection capabilities. The free edition offers excellent real-time protection and anti-phishing features, making it a reliable choice for secure browsing and online transactions. Its low system impact ensures that it doesn’t slow down your laptop, which is crucial for maintaining productivity.

4. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free


  • Cloud-based protection: Uses cloud technology to provide fast and efficient security updates.
  • Password manager: Stores and manages your passwords securely.
  • VPN: Provides 200MB of free data per day to browse securely.
  • Account check: Alerts you if your account credentials have been compromised.

Why Choose Kaspersky: Kaspersky Security Cloud Free offers a unique blend of traditional antivirus protection and cloud-based security. Its password manager and VPN are valuable additions that enhance your overall security. The account check feature helps you stay informed about potential breaches, making it a great choice for comprehensive protection.

5. Microsoft Defender Antivirus


  • Built-in protection: Comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and 11, providing basic protection out of the box.
  • Real-time scanning: Constantly scans for threats in real time.
  • Integration with Windows: Seamlessly integrates with Windows Security Center for easy management.
  • Zero-day protection: Regular updates to protect against the latest threats.

Why Choose Microsoft Defender: Microsoft Defender has evolved significantly and now offers reliable protection comparable to many third-party solutions. Its seamless integration with Windows ensures that it doesn’t interfere with system performance. Microsoft Defender is a solid option for users who prefer a hassle-free, built-in solution.


Selecting the right antivirus software is crucial for maintaining the security and performance of your laptop. The free options listed above—Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Microsoft Defender—offer unique features and benefits catering to different needs. Whether you prioritize real-time protection, minimal system impact, or additional security tools like VPNs and password managers, there’s a free antivirus solution that can meet your requirements.

Remember, while free antivirus software provides good protection, combining it with good security practices—such as regular software updates, cautious browsing habits, and data backups—will further enhance your laptop’s security. Stay safe and secure in the digital world!