HP ProBook 650 G1 2024 Review: A Reliable Workhorse for Professionals

In today’s fast-paced digital age, having a dependable laptop that can keep up with your professional demands is essential. Enter the HP ProBook 650 G1, a robust and versatile device designed to cater to the needs of business users and professionals alike. In this review, we’ll delve into its specifications, performance, design, and other crucial factors to help you decide if this laptop is the right fit for your work requirements.


The HP ProBook 650 G1 comes equipped with impressive hardware specifications that make it suitable for a wide range of tasks. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Processor: Powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, the ProBook 650 G1 delivers reliable performance, enabling users to handle multitasking and demanding applications with ease.
  • Memory: With options for up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM, this laptop ensures smooth operation and efficient task management, even when running multiple programs simultaneously.
  • Storage: Choose between traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) or faster solid-state drives (SSDs) for storage options. SSDs provide quicker boot times and faster data access, enhancing overall system responsiveness.
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics ensure decent visuals for everyday tasks, though it’s not designed for heavy gaming or graphics-intensive workloads.
  • Display: The ProBook 650 G1 features a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display with options for HD or Full HD resolutions, delivering crisp visuals and vibrant colours for enhanced productivity.
  • Connectivity: It offers a comprehensive array of connectivity options, including USB ports, VGA, DisplayPort, Ethernet, and optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity in various work environments.
  • Operating System: The laptop typically comes with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, providing users with a familiar and secure operating environment for their professional tasks.

Design and Build Quality:

The ProBook 650 G1 sports a sleek and professional design that exudes reliability and durability. Its robust build quality ensures resistance to everyday wear and tear, making it suitable for frequent travel and use in diverse work settings. The matte finish on the exterior minimizes fingerprint smudges, maintaining a clean and professional look at all times.

The keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience with well-spaced keys and adequate key travel, enhancing productivity during long typing sessions. The large touchpad supports multi-touch gestures, providing smooth navigation and precise cursor control.


In terms of performance, the HP ProBook 650 G1 delivers commendable results for typical office tasks, such as word processing, web browsing, email management, and multimedia consumption. The powerful Intel processors ensure swift execution of tasks, while ample memory and storage options allow for efficient multitasking and data handling.

However, it’s worth noting that this laptop may struggle with more demanding applications or resource-intensive tasks like video editing or gaming, given its integrated graphics and moderate processing power. Nonetheless, for its intended use as a business laptop, the ProBook 650 G1 offers satisfactory performance that meets the needs of most professionals.

Security Features:

HP prioritizes security in its ProBook lineup, and the 650 G1 is no exception. It comes with various security features to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats, including:

  • HP Client Security Suite: Provides advanced security features such as Drive Encryption, HP BIOS Protection, and Credential Manager for enhanced data protection and identity management.
  • Fingerprint Reader: Optional fingerprint authentication adds an extra layer of security, allowing users to log in securely and access their data with biometric authentication.
  • TPM Security Chip: The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip ensures secure storage of cryptographic keys, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or tampering.


In conclusion, the HP ProBook 650 G1 offers a compelling blend of performance, reliability, and security features tailored to the needs of business users and professionals. Its robust build quality, decent performance, and comprehensive security measures make it a worthy investment for individuals or organizations seeking a dependable workhorse for their daily tasks.

While it may not excel in gaming or graphics-intensive applications, its focus on productivity, durability, and security makes it an excellent choice for professionals who prioritize reliability and efficiency in their computing devices. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a small business owner, or a freelance professional, the HP ProBook 650 G1 is poised to meet your professional computing needs with aplomb.